King of Carsi hospitalised

5 Dec

(Breaking my moratorium on blogging until exams are done to post this):

Alen Markaryan, known mostly to people as a Besiktas capo from the episode “King of Carsi” made for Fifa 11, has been shot by another Carsi capo, just one day before the match against Galatasaray.

This is not about a war between the group, apparently there was some tension between the men about statements Alen heard the member saying about Markaryan himself as well as Carsi. Alen set up a meeting between the two, whereupon he was shot.

Alen is expected to survive the shooting, while the shooter is currently in jail.

So far Besiktas fans have said that once released, he will never be allowed to attend a Besiktas match home or away, and even be exiled from the Besiktas neighbourhood in Istanbul, not through orders of the police, but through the actions of Carsi members if they see him there.


MLS Stuff

22 Nov

Excuse the lack of creativity in the title, it’s tough to really put the effort in on a subject like this. The MLS cup took place in front of a raucous-ish sold-out BMO Field. The Rapids beat FCD 2-1, and they now have a star over their neat little logo. Thanks for winning me money, boys.

It’s been a long time tradition that during the MLS Cup festivities, a supporter’s group from the host city organizes and hosts the MLS Supporter’s Summit. They organize some pub nights, dudes who wear red scarves hang out with those in yellow ones, all that lovely stuff.  “Polow da” Don Garber also sits down to have a speech about the future of the league, does a Q&a, and then the game actually begins.

In this year’s Q&A, a Toronto fellow, blogger and son of the Dominion, bgnewf, got one of the biggest displays of celebration seen in Toronto in the past 3 years, and surprise surprise, it was about Montreal. In true Newfoundlander fashion, he feels it necessary to decide things for other people in a place he doesn’t live(Get it?). It was not a question, but his comment to the Don was in order to foster “(ce que les Anglais appellent un …)darbys” in this league, was that he wanted a commitment from MLS to guarantee First Kick 2012 to be IMFC-TFC  in the Big O *cue cheers* “Can you make that happen Commissioner?!”. It seems like he was dying to use that speech since they cut it in the final draft of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, it was that stirring. That’s where the credits would roll, if it weren’t for everyone’s favourite pessimistic Gulls blogger.

So bgnewf, this is for you:
MLS would be wise to not pander to the wishes of TFC fans, like you think it should. Fist Kick 2012 should not take place in the Big O, no matter what. Hell, it shouldn’t even be against TFC. There, I said it.

First off, what makes you think people want to start the new chapter of Montreal sport, by shambling into the same place their grandfathers did decades ago? Maybe it’d  be a smoother move to play the match in the recently reno’d, IMFC-owned-and-built stadium right next door? Maybe.

Maybe we, as home fans, would like to be able to plan out something to commemorate the occasion without having to deal with the lovably backward Big O rules, in which the RIO denies the use of anything more than the tiniest flag, allows the use of drums and a megaphone beforehand and then revokes the permission(and then re-allows) to bring drums and megaphones at the gate without notice? Your poorly thought out comment deserved just as long as a message you received(“Maybe.”), because it accurately reflects just how important your comment was.

Does it also make sense for the business side of IMFC(Now that I got your attention Mr. Saputo)? To attach the image of the old news and often hated Big O with his new business venture? To lose the guaranteed atmosphere of the first TFC match and season opener, by lumping them together? Not really.

It’s nice you, and apparently the majority of Toronto fans are in love with that for some(most likely selfish) reason but I hope I’m not the only one who will be vocal in the opposition of First Kick 2012 taking place in the Big O. I love it and all, but that’s not how to ring in the new beginnings of our clubs proud history.

Leave Montreal’s business to Montreal.

And the last horse crosses the finish line.

17 Nov

IMFC has finally done it, they turned the Baby Gull “Academy” into an actual academy! No longer is it a glorified reserve team with a PDF file instead of a website, the Montreal Impact Academy now comprises 4 different teams: U21, U16, U15, and U14, as well as continuing to administer several soccer clinics across the province every year. The U21 will play in the CSL, while the players in the U16, U15 and U14 will be a part of the Sport-Études program administered by the Gulls. Those three teams will take part in the Quebec Elite Soccer League, which is a semi pro senior league. The highschool chosen for the IMFC sport-études program is E.S. Édouard-Montpetit, a mere stones-throw away from Saputo Stadium.

Now for those of you not quite sure about what exactly a sport-études program is, it’s a system where a student splits time between intensive training for their particular sport while also participating in an essentials-only academic program, giving them more time to focus on their sport of choice, such as archery, swimming and diving, among other things. It’s a policy that was apparently implemented by the French after they repeatedly blew at Olympic competitions, and is most likely also in place within other countries within the Francophonie.

This is what I had always pictured when talking about soccer academies within Canada, as it’s pretty well impossible to get North American parents to allow their children to focus on sports only. it is quite a positive step for Québec Soccer as a whole, with several series of players being brought up to play and learn the philosophy of Impact de Montréal Football Club.

Though not explicitly mentioned, the IMFC reserves seem to be caught in the lurch for this season, as now the team playing in the CSL will be U21 only. I do not see any particular measure for them being put in place, as once 2012 arrives, so will a reserve league that will host the Backup Gulls.

I look forward to seeing the results of these programs in the near future.

Tumultuous times for Canadian Players

16 Nov

Quite a bit has happened, or will happen this week concerning quotas/structures/pretty much anything else involving Canadian players and the development of them. Since I’m a lazy fuck, I won’t spend much time actually talking about them, instead I’ll just kinda slap them together and describe it as a portrait of this time in Canadian Soccer.

The legendary Canadian/Montreal/Quebec striker Alex Bunbury’s Canadian born son Teal Bunbury has chosen to play for the Yanks. Young Yankee Bunbury, followed the path of Asmir Begovic, in stating numerous times in the media that Canada was his country, and in no uncertain terms, his future team. Over time Yankee Bunbury went from “Canadian Player Focusing on Pro Career”, to “Canadian Player Uncertain About Team” to the increasingly more prevalent “Canadian Player Who Wants Success”. The player equivalent to a glory-hunting fan, the CPWWS is a person who wants to cash in on established success of a team, rather than working with a team to cement a future of winning. Aside from being the player equivalent of a leech, I have to say, he does not leave this situation with the more widespread hate associated with Owen and Asmir. Yankee Bunbury, is an actual immediate blood member of his team, and has never played many games under our country’s “unique snowflake” of a federation crest.

He also has spent much of his life in the land of the Hoveround Scooting obese, so in the end while sour at his decision(mostly because I, on numerous occasions, stated to friend-of-the-site-and-pair-of-shoe-winning Seb that he would play for Canada) I can not fault him for his choice, though I still hope he ends up a bust. What a paradox.

Now that the major negative has been wrote about, let’s focus on the lesser evil, the possible elimination of the Canadian quota in MLS. It has not been said for certain that it will be completely scrapped, it is definite it will be altered, and I doubt that means with the addition of Vancouver, two teams will be required to field more Canadians on their team. I find this soft treatment of Canadian teams to be pitiful. I personally wish the quota would be upped, performance of the team be damned.

Contrasting this, tomorrow there will be an announcement that “tomorrow, the face of soccer in Quebec will change drastically”. This centres around the announcement of the Gulls tomorrow of  something they’ve had in the works for a while now. Nothing concrete is available to talk about, but considering the fact they have been in talks with the Fédération de Soccer du Québec and have mentioned changes to the IMFC “Academy”, one can see where this is going.

Look for the definitive announcement tomorrow.

Tying in nicely to this little “Academy” news, MLS has upped the cap on possible “homegrown” players a team can sign, from 4, to infinity. There is now no cap on how many academy players you can sign. Let the games begin.

And in a stunning turn of events, the CSA has grown a scruncheon, to use a bit of Newfinese. No new Canadian teams will be sanctioned to play in US leagues for the coming year. A possible defensive tactic to keep USL PRO from worming into the Canadian game with their planned Canadian division, the CSA is aiming to once and for all cut US involvement in Canadian development to a minimum, hopefully leading to an actual Canadian league. Good for them, maybe now next time a player defects to another country, they’ll call them out on being cocks.

Stay tuned to D&G in the coming days to see an interview with a valuable player! And follow D&G on facebook, esti!

IMFC blindsided by fines, suspensions

8 Nov

For the little happening that occurred after the second leg of the semi-final in Carolina. In the end it can’t surprise many, though I think most are surprised at the delayed reaction. Among those whose wrists have been thoroughly slapped, Adam Braz, Hicham Aaboubou, Richard Pelletier and friend of the site, Nick DeSantis.

It seemed almost as if they got away with that and then, BAM! Taken by surprise, like being attacked by Buddhist monks on PCP.

Another odd point about the fines/suspenisons is the seemingly haphazard way they reached the penalties placed on the Gulls involved. Some get a longer suspension with a smaller fine, while the others get a bigger fine, with a small imposed vacation. Only person I smile at seeing the punishment is Nick DeSantis.

Maybe it’s time to grow up before your brother Joey figures out how ill-suited for the job you are?

Stay tuned to D&G for an interview with a very valuable player in the coming days! We’ll see what he has to think about these punishments, among other things.

Pendant ce temps, à Vancouver

5 Nov

Now, everyone who knows me (or spends a few seconds perusing this heap I call a blog) knows where I stand on supporters outside of Montreal.

They all blow, excepting a few groups in a few places.

So, I can’t describe to you this strange mix of giddy pleasure and sadness (mostly giddy pleasure) that comes from finding something out last night. The harbinger of my greatest mix of strange emotions and feelings since I turned 12 is quite a surprising one.

The Vancouver Whitecaps 2011 MLS seating plan.

Behold its true form and weep!

Pretty nondescript in itself, true. Sure, there are oddities like corner seats having cheaper prices than end seats, as well as the fact they chose a pretty garish all-pastel colour palette to describe their seats… it’s like, hello Vancouver, please step out of the 80’s!

But, to get to the true meat and potatoes of the reasons why I have this bittersweet (mostly sweet) feeling about such an image takes some explaining.

For one, there is no designated supporters section. Hilarious right? It turns out there is one, they just made the conscious decision not to advertise that fact, which to all my readers in the 514(/438(haha, get a real area code)/450(poor you guys)/819(look it up)) knows is such an amazing idea. God knows there was never any trouble before they started to explicitly advertise and slap disclaimers on our supporter’s section here in Montreal… This mystery section where the true hardcore will be going “fucking mental” are the first 6 rows of sections 251, 252, and 253, which is roughly 275~ seats.

Now you get the quotation marks.

But wait dear readers, turns out that’s just the supporter’s section presale that current Southsiders have access to before tickets go on sale to the general market… the whole southside is the supporter’s section!

At 494$, plus taxes and service charges, of course. When the cheapest seats(assumed to be the supporters section) were advertised as 319$. I really love how this is unfolding.

Their anguish sustains me.

Reactions out west to this have been mixed, and when I say mixed, I mean hilarious. Many on the Southsiders board are expressing shock, outrage, and all those other beautiful triggers for the beauty that is Schadenfreude. Also peppered in with those lovely things, are gems such as these:

Do you seriously think you have the exclusive right on being a soccer fan? That NOBODY else in this city can figure out how to stand, and wave flags, and sing behind the goal? Come First Kick there will be thousands of people behind the goal. You want to know why the tickets behind the net are $500? Because that’s where everyone who wants to be a “true” soccer fan will want to sit. The demand will be massive. The Southside was right when they said that Vancouver was a market ripe for the taking. Unfortunately you may also have been part of the reason why you’ve been priced out of your “rightful” place.

Yes, planning on creating the hotspot for atmosphere amid 560 dollar seats is going to be a surefire way to garner any type of support whatsoever. That’s in no way a terrible idea at all, as it’s not necessarily a bad thing that Supporter’s in Vancouver have to pay the most out of any MLS supporter.

Not bad from a Montreal perspective of course.

Thanks Vancouver, for setting the bar low for Montreal.

2010 USSF D2 Final

30 Oct

The second leg is currently underway, where it is 1-0 Islanders in the 7th minute, putting them at 3-0 over the Caramilks on aggregate.

So far I can’t complain about the result. I’ll update this with relevant info as the game wraps up.

EDIT: So, it finished 1-1, to make it a 3-1 Caramilks loss.

Fine with me!