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Stop the presses!

25 May

Jack Warner to establish a means of promoting growth and progress within CONCACAF!

Though he’s only said that they’re implementing a new WC qualifying structure before 2014 for the benefit of low-and-mid level sides like Canada, with the addition of more games played, which is a step up from the possible 2 qualifying games minnows have per qualifying attempt, only time will tell how badly the North American confederation can screw up something like this.

As a, (Shh, keep it a secret) Voyageur, I have my usual sense of cautious optimism mixed with a healthy dose of pessimism at this announcement. In my head I hope this means we’ll have a healthy amount of home games, as well as games in general, to follow and support our MNT, but in my heart I’m still worried that Jack Warner twists the qualifying around to put his favourites at an advantage, shortly before sending Benito Archundia to fly to Montréal and personally kick me in the balls and defecate on my dreams once again.

I’m really hoping my head is right, because I, and many other Voyageurs can’t take anymore CONCACRAP.

Discussion of the announcement and possible qualifying group ideas are taking place on the Voyageurs’ forum