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Bad news for the D2

21 May

AC St. Louis is rumoured to be on it’s deathbed.

The long awaited addition to North American soccer seems to also be the latest short-lived addition, as owner Jeff Cooper has apparently begun to abandon the collective AC St. Louis/WPS Athletica ship.

This is a pity for the north American game as ACSTL so far has attendance within the top 5 of all D2 Cities. Granted, it’s skewed by the fact the rowdies only played their home opener, and STL has only played two (league) home games. But they’ve also had a really good crowd out against the visiting KC Wizards, as seen here:

Look at that. An inaugural game, in the American Midwest(Is it even west at all? Is Midcentral more appropriate?), and there’s one of the biggest smoke displays I’ve seen in North America. Sure, the songs sucked, the flags were bought, etc. etc. but the potential is there.

I sincerely hope things get worked out in St. Louis not only because every single team helps grow the game, but also due to the fact that we in CXIV have never, and I mean NEVER had a moment of watching another D2 game, seeing something from their fans and saying we have to step it up(  We did). That flash of potential of St. Louis really makes it sad to think that after a year, the book might be closed on it.

Sure there were warning signs about the organisation, like the fact that they fielded 10 men in their first league game(Wow, by the way) but given time, who knows how St louis could end up? They burst out on the scene with good support, a classy logo and extremely quality kits and what seemed to be a dedicated ownership group. Though it now looks like they’ll be dead in a gutter in less than a year, who saw that coming?

Who will come to rescue the damsel in distress that is St. Louis? Everything seems good, except for the current organisation. The fan support is there, now all they need is a team.

The silver lining in all this? When they wither and die, we’ll be the only team with a fleur-de-lys logo! Yeah!!!