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King of Carsi hospitalised

5 Dec

(Breaking my moratorium on blogging until exams are done to post this):

Alen Markaryan, known mostly to people as a Besiktas capo from the VBS.tv episode “King of Carsi” made for Fifa 11, has been shot by another Carsi capo, just one day before the match against Galatasaray.

This is not about a war between the group, apparently there was some tension between the men about statements Alen heard the member saying about Markaryan himself as well as Carsi. Alen set up a meeting between the two, whereupon he was shot.

Alen is expected to survive the shooting, while the shooter is currently in jail.

So far Besiktas fans have said that once released, he will never be allowed to attend a Besiktas match home or away, and even be exiled from the Besiktas neighbourhood in Istanbul, not through orders of the police, but through the actions of Carsi members if they see him there.