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And the last horse crosses the finish line.

17 Nov

IMFC has finally done it, they turned the Baby Gull “Academy” into an actual academy! No longer is it a glorified reserve team with a PDF file instead of a website, the Montreal Impact Academy now comprises 4 different teams: U21, U16, U15, and U14, as well as continuing to administer several soccer clinics across the province every year. The U21 will play in the CSL, while the players in the U16, U15 and U14 will be a part of the Sport-Études program administered by the Gulls. Those three teams will take part in the Quebec Elite Soccer League, which is a semi pro senior league. The highschool chosen for the IMFC sport-études program is E.S. Édouard-Montpetit, a mere stones-throw away from Saputo Stadium.

Now for those of you not quite sure about what exactly a sport-études program is, it’s a system where a student splits time between intensive training for their particular sport while also participating in an essentials-only academic program, giving them more time to focus on their sport of choice, such as archery, swimming and diving, among other things. It’s a policy that was apparently implemented by the French after they repeatedly blew at Olympic competitions, and is most likely also in place within other countries within the Francophonie.

This is what I had always pictured when talking about soccer academies within Canada, as it’s pretty well impossible to get North American parents to allow their children to focus on sports only. it is quite a positive step for Québec Soccer as a whole, with several series of players being brought up to play and learn the philosophy of Impact de Montréal Football Club.

Though not explicitly mentioned, the IMFC reserves seem to be caught in the lurch for this season, as now the team playing in the CSL will be U21 only. I do not see any particular measure for them being put in place, as once 2012 arrives, so will a reserve league that will host the Backup Gulls.

I look forward to seeing the results of these programs in the near future.


In lieu of the Champions League…

28 May

We might have yet another friendly! Woo!

So, according to a link dredged up by every Montrealer’s favourite journalist, Matthias Van Halst, of Impact Soccer/ Quebec Soccer fame, our Gulls might face off against the storied Chilean team, Colo Colo.

According to that link and another one, Colo Colo were offered to play friendlies in Canada. Though my knowledge of spanish is infinitesimally small, the dear readers on IS have started to sift through it, and as it stands now, it looks like Colo Colo have not yet decided on whether or not to trek up to the great white north to face off against Canadian sides(potentially). So it appears as if Joey has chosen to make up for the lack of meaningful games by bringing in the likes of Antigua Barracuda FC and Colo Colo to attempt to placate the fans at Stade Saputo. Nice try.

Also within the link, it does not specifically say the names of the sides they’d be facing, only the cities they’d “disputar cuatro amistosos”, which is to say, Montreal…”y Edmonton”. Aside from that surprising Edmonton bomb, the fact that it might be four friendlies, in the two cities could perhaps mean one game in each city vs. a local side, as well as another international team..

So it appears as if the Faths are really trying to attract some big names, with Portsmouth, Colo Colo(potentially) and Montreal heading to the prairies to play FCE(potentially).

Now if only they start to run FCE professionally, we’ll have another Canadian team to beat on regularly.