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IMFC blindsided by fines, suspensions

8 Nov

For the little happening that occurred after the second leg of the semi-final in Carolina. In the end it can’t surprise many, though I think most are surprised at the delayed reaction. Among those whose wrists have been thoroughly slapped, Adam Braz, Hicham Aaboubou, Richard Pelletier and friend of the site, Nick DeSantis.

It seemed almost as if they got away with that and then, BAM! Taken by surprise, like being attacked by Buddhist monks on PCP.

Another odd point about the fines/suspenisons is the seemingly haphazard way they reached the penalties placed on the Gulls involved. Some get a longer suspension with a smaller fine, while the others get a bigger fine, with a small imposed vacation. Only person I smile at seeing the punishment is Nick DeSantis.

Maybe it’s time to grow up before your brother Joey figures out how ill-suited for the job you are?

Stay tuned to D&G for an interview with a very valuable player in the coming days! We’ll see what he has to think about these punishments, among other things.